How to type an interpunct?

I've been searching 中黒 into Google and copy pasting until now, but I figure there is a better way. All the alt codes I've searched so far are wrong (see below), could someone show the correct one?

Alt + 0183/250: · (too small)
Alt + 0149: • (too large)
It should look like this:・. Notice the space between the "・" and the period without a space being added; you can tell it a Japanese keyboard character that way.

I'm using Google Japanese Input for my keyboard, which is a typical United States layout.

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  • anendtosnowanendtosnow Posts: 12
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    Well, this forum is dead. For anyone who is curious, I chanced upon the answer elsewhere. Just type the "/" and press "space" and you'll end up with "・" as an option.

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