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I'm sure you've been receiving a lot of emails from many websites talking about changes in the privacy policy. This is because there is a new law in Europe enforcing all the websites to apply stricter privacy rules: GDPR.

In we almost don't store personal information compared to other sites, but we still need some data to be able to maintain the website and the rest of the services. To meet the requirements of the new law, we've implemented some changes that I'm sure will be very beneficial for all of us:

  1. A brand new privacy policy. We're now detailing in a very clear way all the data that we process and why. There is also an expanded policy with more details in case you're interested and instructions on how to exercise your ARCO rights (rights to access, rectification, cancellation, and objection).
  2. We've stopped storing IP addresses of each one of the visits in our web analytics software. We're now storing only the first two octets of the IP address. For example, instead of storing, we are now storing 192.168.X.X
  3. We've anonymized all the IP addresses from the database of our analytics software.
  4. We've stopped using Google Analytics.
  5. We're not adding a tracking cookie by default. We're providing choice to our visitors using a new cookies popup.
  6. There is a new Settings panel to control whether you want the tracking cookie to be added or not.
  7. And last but not least, in the same settings panel, there is an option to configure your privacy settings in our advertising partner (Google AdSense)

With all those changes, we've made an effort to be more transparent and to get the least possible amount of data. Feel free to give us your opinion on this same thread.

Thank you!

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