3 questions on 双つ and 悠旧

  1. Does 双つ = 二つ, just written with a character for twins in mind? Or does it mean something slightly different from the different character (in denotation only; I don't care about connotation)?
  2. Is 双つ read ふたつ or そうつ? My keyboard accepts そうつ, but Google and the Internet tells me it is ふたつ (http://www.kanjipedia.jp/kotoba/0004197700).
  3. Does 悠旧 = 悠久? If not, what does it mean (reading, definition)?

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    1. "双つ" isn't a proper word, I've searched it in a Japanese dictionary website and while it has a usage to implies "twin" it doesn't seems to be a proper usage
    2. While "双子" and "二子" are one of the same its usage are limited to certain words and can't be applied universally to every word. The "futa" reading merely coincides so "双つ = 二つ" are wrong as "双人" can't be read as "futari". As mentioned above in 1. "双つ" seems to be a substitution of the word "二つ" which uses "futa" but, again it doesn't seems to be a proper usage of the word.
    3. "悠旧" is not a word "悠久" is. While the "kyu" part sounds the same it can't be applied like that as it's meanings are completely different. "旧" means "old" like "旧校舎" and "久" is "long time" like "久し振り". "悠久" means "果てしなく長く続くこと。長く久しいこと。また、そのさま。「悠久の歴史」「悠久な(の)大自然」" which translates to "always continuing without an end" like" 「悠久の歴史」= an always continuing history ". Hope this answers your question :smile:


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    1. What does it mean to say something does not have proper usage?
    2. OK, so 双つ is essentially a pun. I figured as much after I looked closer at the Google results and realized it was all anime looking stuff and a minimalistically covered, probably self published book with 0 reviews on Amazon.
      But that link I have above and a Wiktionary page still put some doubt in me. Could you link me the dictionary you read?
    3. OK, another pun. I suppose it's more like artistic license since both entries above are from music. At least they didn't choose to use inexplicable English, I guess...

    I'm getting off track. Thanks for your response, it was helpful.

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    1. What I mean is that a pun isn't exactly a proper usage of the Kanji nor a proper word like for instance, "乳親" :lol:
    2. "https://dictionary.goo.ne.jp" it's comprehensive, detailed, easy to use, and free! May it serves us well :grin:
    3. Ah, yes, from what I've observed many times sometimes a writer when comes to fiction (anime or VN usually) likes to came up with their own words or pun. It's harmless to them as they know it's a pun but for serious learner like us it's like a confusing trap. Nevertheless I quite enjoyed discussing about Japanese like this and it's also fun for me so if you have another question feel free to ask :smile:
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    Thanks for the link! I'll be bookmarking it.

    Just realized I forgot to mark this as a question. :disappointed:

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    I've just changed this topic to a question. Feel free to mark the answer :)

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