The meaning behind a gift inside paper bag?

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This is just on a whim but I once played a visual novel "niizuma lovely x cation" and there was a moment when the heroine's mother send cookies in a paper bag to the protagonist, which he commented on, does anyone know what it means?

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    In Japan, when giving gifts, the envelope is very important. Sometimes even more than the present itself. I suppose that may be the reason why the paper bag was not very well appreciated...


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    Thx friend :smile:

  • V1zi3rV1zi3r Posts: 18

    So I searched it on a Japanese blog site about gifting manners and apparently goods bought from store are mostly put inside a paper bag which have a meaning of "easy to caught dust" and handing that gift while still in a paper bag to other people is considered SO NO GO as it would mean to handed it along with the dust so took it out first before handing it to them

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