The word "永久" can be read as "towa" and "eikyuu" but what's the difference?

According to the Japanese jisho thingy "towa" means "never changing state" and "eikyuu" is "permanent or eternity" but I'm still not sure so can someone please explain with examples please? Thank you


  • Kanji can have more than one pronunciation.
    were imported to Japan from China, kanji are just "a basic idea", not a character.
    so you can use 永久 for say "Permanent" :)

  • V1zi3rV1zi3r Posts: 18

    I've encountered this word several times when playing visual novels and there's the "永久に求めてる" line which used "towa" and "永久監獄" which used eikyuu. It's mentioned on this website that "towa" have a more abstract meaning of "permanence/eternity" and I'm looking for an answer I could both understand and accept. Thank you for your time regardless

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