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Hi everyone! My name is Aitugan and I'm from Kazakhstan. My question is: what is the Japanese transcription of my name? And how should I introduce myself on Japanese?

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    the transliteration of your name should be
    so they will refer to you as


    For introduce yourself you can say

    "Hajimemashite watashi wa Aituguan desu. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu"

    this is very formal as a presentation

    or if you want to present yourself in a fairly informal contention you can say

    "Watashi wa Aituguan desu"

    You can say also "Watashi no namae wa Aitugan desu" if you do not know if you must be formal or informal (even if sometimes it is always better to be!)

    "Watashi no onamae wa Aitugan desu"

    or if you're with friends you can say "Ore wa Aitugan da" even if it would be a bit rude in many cases then I do not recommend it!

    "Ore wa Aitugan da"

    I hope I have been helpful :)


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    Thanks a lot! So, as I see, there is no any strong rule of transliteration of foreign, non-Japanese names? For example, I can introduce myself as Aituguan, or Aituganu, etc., can't I?

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    I'd write Aitugan as アイトゥガン.

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    Yes, I think writing it with トゥ is more accurate.

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    tgn3000, "hiroyotsu"? What is it?

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    I think it is a name. Hi, ヒロヨシ.

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    It's Hiroyoshi. The hiragana does look alike but when the double stroke is close to horizontal then it's "shi" while vertical is "tsu"

  • みなさん こんにちわ 👋
    よろしくおねがいします 🙏

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